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About Fit On Click

Fit On Click was founded in 2014 when founder and CEO Ben Samuel struggled to find a fitness facility as per his requirements in his community in Dubai. After countless google searches, he found some gaps which he thought should be bridged to help the fitness community as well as have some easy solutions for people in UAE to adopt a healthy lifestyle. What started as an online fitness and wellness finder for an effortless discovery of fitness solution around to help users start with their fitness journey is now one a stop shop for all the fitness, healthy food, and sports requirements in UAE. We are not only bringing together the fitness community but changing how people live their lives, whether by helping people enroll in fitness and sports activities which make their true selves come alive or work on a way to gamify the office experience to create a better company culture for offices of all sizes in UAE as well as help businesses and studios into fitness and sports industry across UAE.

We are striving hard towards touching lives of people by providing solutions which conveniently leads them to fit and healthy lifestyle as we believe being active is the key to living a happy life.

FitOnClick.Com: A discovery platform that brings all the fitness, wellness, and sports facilities under one platform to simplify your search for finding the perfect fitness facility for your fitness journey. Whether it’s looking for the right gym, wanting to put yourself to test at a kickboxing class, yoga for flexibility or CrossFit for solid functional training, Fit On Click gives you an awesome mix of all these and more. The only fitness-focused platform in the UAE that provides detailed information like photos, videos, rate cards and user reviews on all fitness related services. If you are not sure about your preferences, make informed decisions by booking a free trial session before investing in memberships through our website.

FitOnClick.Com/FindMyTrainer: Fit On Click's Find My Trainer allows users to find and hire personal trainers according to their convenience and requirement. We list vetted and certified personal trainers and offer personal training services at users doorstep, office premise, gym building and/or parks.

FitOnClick.Com/FoodFinder: Launched in 2017, Fit On Click's Food Finder is a marketplace for all the Healthy Food Restaurants in UAE. With over 42 food brands/restaurants listed on the site offering a variety of healthy food, it makes it easy for a fitness enthusiast to follow a healthy lifestyle by discovering real food around them and getting it delivered to their doorsteps.

Fit On Click Sports and Corporate Fitness: In the process of promoting health and fitness in the UAE, Fit On Click launched its offline division of Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs and Sports Tournaments which bridges all the gaps that come along the way of a busy corporate life in the UAE.

Each of us can take steps, even small ones, to improve our overall well-being. Join us by participating in this worthwhile effort.