Nationality: Pakistani

Degree: Sound Massage Therapy, Sound Healing Therapy, Meditation

Experience: 10 Year(s)

Al Barsha 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, Dubai

Additional Genre

  • Sound Therapy


  • Meditation
  • Sound Healing
  • Massages


At Home Training

Group Classes

Indoor Training

Personal Training

Other Information

I can train clients at
Private Studio, Office Gym, Building Gym

Membership Packages

Sound and Guided Meditation

No of Sessions : 1

Validity : 1 Week

AED 250.00

Sound Healing Session

No of Sessions : 1

Validity : 1 Week

AED 350.00

Sound Massage Therapy

No of Sessions : 1

Validity : 1 Week

AED 550.00

About Sadaf Ali, Sound Therapist

 I started my journey on the path of spirituality more than twenty years back . Driven by the quest to find emotional and spiritual healing for myself , I explored innumerable sources , disciplines and teachings . I also spent uncountable days in the solitude of wilderness where I found my connection with the Source and Nature. I found great teachers , sages , swamis and sufis on my path . Gathering all this spiritual wisdom I explored the world of sound since we are exposed to sound starting from pre-birth inside the mother’s womb listening to her heartbeat and became a Sound Therapist with Peter Hess institute Germany. I love the art of healing myself and others through meditation , sound bath and sound massage therapy.

About Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are expert body transformation specialist. They study and master the art of using exercises, supportive eating and recovery to bring about positive physical change in a fun, effective, safe and efficient way. They do that keeping the individuals goals, abilities and lifestyle into consideration.

Can someone get fit by themselves? Of course, but they are much more likely to get there more slowly, run a high risk of quitting and may even get injured. Those who exercise with a personal trainer see quicker and more dramatic results. Personal trainers provide motivation, support and they keep each workout, interesting and progressive.

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