Nationality: British

Degree: Certified

Experience: 12 Year(s)

Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

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  • Abs Workout
  • Body Weight Workouts
  • Circuit Training
  • Core Strengthening
  • Customized Plans
  • Endurance Training
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Fitness Training
  • Functional Training
  • Injuries & Medical Assessment
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Resistance Training
  • Self Defense
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Training
  • Athletic Training


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Indoor Training

Nutritional Support

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  • All Areas In Dubai

Other Information

I am a
Personal Trainer
I can train clients at
Full Service Gym, Outdoor Parks, Office Gym, Building Gym

Membership Packages

1 Personal Training session

No of Sessions : 1

Validity : 1 Week

AED 350.00

10 Personal Training sessions

No of Sessions : 10

Validity : 3 Months

AED 2,500.00

20 Personal Training sessions

No of Sessions : 20

Validity : 5 Months

AED 4,500.00

50 Personal Training sessions

No of Sessions : 50

Validity : 6 Months

AED 10,000.00

About Paula Ralph

As a Sports Therapist/Strength and Conditioning Coach, wherever possible I aim to improve on conventional training methods by working on my training methodology for development. I believe I can help anyone who seeks to improve themselves physically. I look to improve a person’s overall lifestyle and encourage postural correction for a healthier body as well as developing my client’s personal goals.

Working with clients of all ages is a passion, by developing not only the physiological but also the psychological; understanding my clients & building their self-esteem. I have just recently written an article for Bocsio magazine regarding, “Being athlete focused not coach focused.” This approach to training can be applied to everyone, not just an athlete and it’s this method of training that sets me apart. My Experience - Working with a variety of athletes: professional and amateur.

Helping a young athlete return to rugby after being diagnosed with a serious kidney ailment, helping him gain a full scholarship at a rugby school in Wales (UK) and then helping him get signed up to the National Welsh Rugby team until the age of 25.  I started working him at the age of 14. In the United Kingdom I worked with the PT Academy as a tutor and assessor, helping their students gain their Personal Training Qualifications and was given one of the top 5 tutor awards for 2016.

About Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are expert body transformation specialist. They study and master the art of using exercises, supportive eating and recovery to bring about positive physical change in a fun, effective, safe and efficient way. They do that keeping the individuals goals, abilities and lifestyle into consideration.

Can someone get fit by themselves? Of course, but they are much more likely to get there more slowly, run a high risk of quitting and may even get injured. Those who exercise with a personal trainer see quicker and more dramatic results. Personal trainers provide motivation, support and they keep each workout, interesting and progressive.

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