Nationality: South African

Experience: 1 Year(s)

Royal residence 1, Street 1, Dubai Sports City, Dubai

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  • Crossfit
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Fitness Training
  • Functional Training
  • Kids Fitness
  • Personal Training
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Training
  • Sports


Friday Training

Indoor Training

Nutritional Support

Outdoor Training

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I am a
Personal Trainer

Membership Packages

10 Sessions

No of Sessions : 10

AED 3,000.00

20 Sessions

No of Sessions : 20

AED 5,000.00

About Bilal Laher

Bilal has an admirable personality, his love and passion for crossfit training are phenomenal. He pushes you to the max and always leaves you wanting more. Bilal has a background of cycling in various competitions in South Africa.

What makes him intriguing is giving the push and motivation to each and every one in the group ,when the wod's are tough and you feel like you have nothing left to give.

Bilal is honored to be a crossfit coach and be able to coach people of different levels yet watch them achieve so much. he has a deep desire to help people achieve their individual fitness targets, regardless of experience level. He looks forward to helping people who are coming back from illness or injury and his ultimate aim is to make sure people achieve a more positive & active lifestyle - Fundamentals of human body science (Reebok Education, SA) - Family and Friends CPR (Reebok Education, SA) - Personal Training Short Learning Programs (Reebok Education, SA) - Crossfit level 1 & 2 certified coach - Certified Kettlebell trainer (Fitness Collective)

About Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are expert body transformation specialist. They study and master the art of using exercises, supportive eating and recovery to bring about positive physical change in a fun, effective, safe and efficient way. They do that keeping the individuals goals, abilities and lifestyle into consideration.

Can someone get fit by themselves? Of course, but they are much more likely to get there more slowly, run a high risk of quitting and may even get injured. Those who exercise with a personal trainer see quicker and more dramatic results. Personal trainers provide motivation, support and they keep each workout, interesting and progressive.

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