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Additional Genres

  • Dance
  • Barre


  • Mat Pilates
  • Pilates
  • Postural Analysis
  • Stott Pilates
  • Pre Natal Pilates
  • Post Natal Workouts


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Validity : 1 Month

AED 1,600.00

About Zeina Kabbara

Zeina has a background in dance and found Pilates after an injury in her left leg. After physiotherapy, she discovered that Pilates and Barre classes efficiently strengthen the muscles in a targeted manner and helped her resume her dancing training. Having been trained in Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop, Zeina realized that Pilates is an extension of dance, a training that not only strengthen but also aligns the body. Zeina holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut and is a CPA and has worked in the corporate world for a decade before realizing that inspiring others achieve their fitness goals is much more satisfying. She is also the founder of Zee ateliers, an online concept store for unique and handmade designs. Zeina is a certified STOTT PILATES instructor and a Total Barre instructor. She likes to incorporate all dance styles by designing moves to a balanced playlist including Electro-Swing, Old School, Raggaeton, Latin, Bollywood, Belly Dance, ect...she takes inspiration from her dance training, and adds Belly Dancing, Twist, Salsa or Jazz moves to her class routine. Having fun during workout is crucial, fitness should not be torturous. You can expect a low intensity, dynamic and energized workout session and to break a sweat!

About Pilates

Pilates is a physical fitness system that was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates was formed by Joe during the First World War with the intention to improve the rehabilitation programme for casualties. During this period, Pilates was designed to aid injured soldiers in regaining their health by strengthening, stretching, and stabilising key muscles. Joseph used to say: ‘When I am dead, they’ll say “He was right”. I’m fifty years ahead of my time’. And he was!

Why Pilates?
  • • A system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.
  • • It can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs.
  • • Pilates builds strength without excess bulk and a flat abdomen. (Yeah, we know – who doesn’t want that?).
  • • It can even help alleviate back pain.

No matter what your age or condition is, it will work for you.

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