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About F-45 Dubai Marina

F45 Training is a dynamic and ever-evolving leader in innovation across the health and fitness industry. Always pioneering, F45’s training methods set the benchmark in fitness and functional training, delivering results for clients every day. This fitness phenomenon has exploded across the globe, and in just 3 short years over 750 franchises have joined the fitness network in 26 countries. FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Functional Training is the engagement in exercises that mimic or recreate everyday movement. These types of exercises typically involve the use of your full body and multiple muscle groups. This style of training builds and sculpts lean, functional muscle – Lifting, Squatting, Jumping, Twisting, Pulling, Pushing, Punching, Kicking, Rowing, Biking – all of these movements qualify as “Functional”…and all can be found at F45 Training. NO WORKOUT IS EVER THE SAME The fixed, 45 minute duration of our workouts exists to provide a timing structure to maximize our members’ growth and progress. Our daily workouts vary the amount of exercise stations, the Work Time / Rest Time ratio and the number of repetitions through the “Exercise Circuit” of each day. This provides a challenging workout for our clientele that is always evolving and never the same. INDUSTRY LEADING TECH Our workouts are fueled and organized by the robust technology systems that we have in place in all of our studios. A series of TV’s mounted on the front wall of our studios provide an organized, station-by-station diagram for each daily workout. With the guidance and motivation of the F45 Trainers, this system is a visual tool for our members to progress from exercise station to station throughout the workout. BUILDING A COMMUNITY The employment of our Functional Training, Circuit workouts in a Team Training atmosphere is the final factor fueling F45 Training’s dynamism. The motivation and encouragement in a Group Training facility create a pulsing, upbeat environment where goals are met and exceeded. Communities promoting fitness, good health and growth are forged in F45 studios around the world and are the source of our strength as an international brand.

About Gym

Gym involves weight/strength training and cardio workouts.
Benefits of strength training:
  • Flexibility: Weight training can improve your overall body flexibility. Increased flexibility reduces the risk of muscle pulls and back injury.
  • Less likelihood of injury: Strong muscles, tendons, and ligaments are less likely to give way under stress and are less likely to be injured.
  • Body composition: Boosted metabolism (which means burning more calories when at rest) and reduced body fat. Your overall weight may not change, but you will gain muscle and lose fat.
  • Muscle tone: The conditioning effect will result in firmer and better-defined muscles.
  • Posture: Stronger muscles can help you stand and sit straighter and more comfortably.

Benefits of cardio:
  • Improved heart health: The first one is an improved condition of your heart.
  • Increased metabolism: Another reason to perform cardio is for its effects on the metabolism.
  • Improved hormonal profile: Performing cardiovascular exercise also changes the hormonal profile in your body considerably.
  • Improved recovery ability: Certain types of cardio exercise, usually lower, more moderately paced forms, can decrease your recovery time.
  • Management of diabetes: Those who have diabetes, cardiovascular exercise helps them manage this condition.

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