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Nationality: Serbian

Experience: 15 Year(s)

Freelancer at, Jumeirah, Al Barsha, Dubai

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About Sanja llic

Sanja Ilic has had a love of sports and fitness since she was a child. At the early age of ten, she began her training in Basketball and at the age of sixteen she was already playing for a senior team. She was playing basketball for 14 years but due to injuries she had to stop. Love for the game inspired her to do something about it and started coaching kids basketball at one of the leading basketball teams in Bosnia and Serbia.

Soon after that she focused on fitness, sports and strength conditioning studying at European Network of Sport Science Education and furthered her studies at International Sport Science Association and Central YMCA. Sanja continued her growth by moving to Dubai and completing Sport and Strength conditioning, TRX, ViPR course, Kettebell, etc.

Sanja believes that with hard and constant work you can achieve your goals. Her goal as a Personal trainer is that her clients lead a happy and healthy life by providing them with necessary knowledge, proper technique and healthy habits. Therefore be prepared to accelerate your results through continuous phases of stability, endurance, core, strength and agility training.


About Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are expert body transformation specialist. They study and master the art of using exercises, supportive eating and recovery to bring about positive physical change in a fun, effective, safe and efficient way. They do that keeping the individuals goals, abilities and lifestyle into consideration.

Can someone get fit by themselves? Of course, but they are much more likely to get there more slowly, run a high risk of quitting and may even get injured. Those who exercise with a personal trainer see quicker and more dramatic results. Personal trainers provide motivation, support and they keep each workout, interesting and progressive.

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