One small step for a man, one giant leap for our fitness

Rahul Manwani |  Jul, 2020


Through the rise of the internet, we have all witnessed an increase in the number of workout routines and the different types of exercises one can perform, and let’s be honest aren’t we all a little too overwhelmed? But one exercise which really isn’t talked about as much despite their innumerable benefits, walking. Yes, that thing you happen to do every day.

Walking is associated with so many health benefits which include but are not limited to burning calories, strengthening your heart, lowering blood sugar, improving your overall mood, and also helps boost your immune function. In fact, one study tracked 1000 adults during flu season, and those who walked for 30 minutes a day had almost 45% less sick days.

But what really makes walking so great?

  • It is a low impact activity and is not too physically demanding, you can implement your day to day tasks within this activity. Like for example, you can walk to your corner store which is 10 minutes away as opposed to taking your car out and racking up your petrol bills. 
  • No equipment required, you need not invest in machinery or dumbbells. Making it convenient for you to kickstart your fitness journey before you have to look at your wallet. 
  • A great way to socialize with friends and family. Walking can get a little bit boring sometimes, music and podcasts certainly help you pass the time. But nothing better than taking a loved one for a walk, not only will you be helping them get fitter but you are bound to have some of the best conversations during a walk.

We at Fitze recognize how amazing walking is and have tried to quite literally make it even more rewarding. You can not only track your steps, kilometers, and calories but also earn coins with every step you take. No, these coins are not real money but they come pretty close, you can use these coins to claim rewards like discounts and free products!

Download our free app now on the App Store, Google Play Store, and the Huawei App Gallery to start earning with every step you take.

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