Fit On Click Active Community

Rahul Manwani |  Jan, 2020


We concluded the season 1 of Fit On Click Active Community with a heavy heart, an initiative focused on implementing sports and fitness into the day to day lives of residents of UAE. 

This season we kicked off with the cricket and badminton community which witnessed over 50 members play their favourite sports hassle free. Which led to some great friendships being formed and these members who were once just strangers desperate to play sports have become more like a family with daily banter, jitters, tips and tricks moving around the group chats to motivate each other. A community in its truest meaning is formed among all the players. 

Cricket community turned out to be more competitive than imagined with players across all fields of life coming under the same roof with one common denominator, sports. Over 60 matches were played in the span of 3 months, and most of our members got more than 24 games to play!

The badminton community became a rather family affair where we saw the dynamics like father and sons, brothers and sisters, husband and wife and even a couple of best mates all play among each other to form a bond which goes past the sports field. Just like one of our members rightly stated ‘’this community has helped in not only improving my game but also make some great friends along the way’’

The season 2 for Fit On Click Active Community is already up and running, already boasting over 100 members but with the same positive vibe floating around our venues. So come be a part of this wholesome sports community organised by Fit On Click where you get to play your sport week in week out hassle free!

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