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Is Your Personal Trainer Worth The Money You Are Paying?

Aug, 2018


So you have come through the potential minefield of hiring a personal trainer and indeed hired one. But is he/she worth the money you have paid for their services?

Don’t worry, we come to your rescue once again. Take this checklist and find out if they are really helping you out.

1. Workout personalisation

Are you being trained as per a personalized plan based on your needs and wants? Are your physical condition and medical background being taken into consideration. It is also better to talk to other clients of the same trainer and compare notes regarding the kind of exercises he gives and what have been the benefits over time. 

2. Goals Achieved?

You may have set goals for yourself with the personal trainer before the start of your training. Are they being met in the prescribed deadline? Is the trainer setting a workout goal before the start of the session and helping you beat it every time or even most of the times. If not, you should reconsider.

3. Proper demonstration and instruction?

Is your trainer teaching you the right way to perform a certain exercise. Is she demonstrating how it is to be done? Demonstration and monitoring help correct any issues with posture or technique. Learning how to properly exercise reduces the risk of injury considerably. Also you can then do these exercises at home or even on days when you don’t have sessions with your personal trainer.

4. Motivates you?

Does the trainer provide enough motivation for you to achieve your fitness goals. You may hate it during the workouts but do you look forward to the next workout once you are done with this session? It is imperative that your trainer gets the best out of you while training while keeping your excitement high.  

5. Holds you accountable?

Does your trainer hold you accountable to the sessions that you are attending or skipping? Does he keep track of your daily activities and advise you on where all you can add specific activities or exercises to improve on your lifestyle. Does he make you stick with your training program?

6. Brings in variety?

A good trainer will bring in variety to the set of exercises to dispel boredom. He/she will change exercises if a particular one doesn’t suit your needs. They will do this while ensuring the new exercise provides the same exercise benefits for you. Also, as you keep making progress in your exercise routines, the trainers will help you make adjustments so as to ensure continuous progress.

7. Is He/she efficient?

Your trainer should be able to make the most of your session time. Interval between sets and some recovery time is needed, but that should not extend more than required. They should fit in the maximum amount of exertion that you could endure and make it work for you. They should be especially mindful of the times when you have limited time. Say you can spare only half an hour for a particular session instead of the full hour you give regularly, then the trainer change the exercises regimen to more intensive one so that they can burn the same amount of calories in the cut down time.

If your trainer is helping you through with all these points than you are in good hands and are on the right road to good health.

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