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The Side Effect

2 years ago
The Side Effect
-By Modivation, Fitness Break

People set different goals when it comes to training. Some want to lose weight, some want to gain muscle mass, some want to get their muscles toned, some want to maintain their fitness level and so on... As a matter of fact only few of them want to get into shape... By "Getting Into Shape" I mean getting into a Healthy Mental and Physical State, where you'll be more focus and productive at work and where you can go up and down the stairs, if the elevator is out of order, without losing your breath or where you can carry your grocery bags without pinching your lower back...

If your goal is to be happy, healthy and prosperous in life then be one of those who want to get into shape when it comes to training... Trust me you won't be happy and healthy by gaining muscle mass while getting all messed up in the head during the process... At the same time you won't be happy and healthy by losing the extra weight while getting your immune system weak and fragile... Bottom line, if you want to improve your well-being then you gonna have to adjust your training goal to "Getting Into Shape". Do so, and in no time you'll find out that gaining the muscle mass, losing the extra weight, toning the muscles or maintaining the fitness level will be just a "Side Effect" of your hard work at the gym, determination, dedication, commitment and healthy eating habits.