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How to go from being a Couch Potato to a Fitness Enthusiast

2 years ago
This article is for the couch potato in you. We all love our TV shows and the comfort food we eat while eating them. But this comes with a cost – inflating waistline and an unhealthy lifestyle.

We at Fit On Click have brought you some great hacks to change from a couch potato to a fitness enthusiast.

1. Ban yourself from that couch
You need to sit? Sit anywhere but that couch. It may make you a little uncomfortable but it will also force you to look at everything in your house from a different perspective. You may see the crockery that needs cleaning, the bulb that needs replacing etc.

2. Do household Chores
Now that you have started observing all that is going on around you, start taking an active interest in it. Clean the crockery, replace the bulb, help out the day the maid has a day off. It is small steps like these that help you shake off your lethargy.

2. Register at a gym
You can’t wish away that flab and extra pounds. Join a gym and make an effort to lose that weight. If necessary, hire a personal trainer to guide you through the initial tough period. Don’t get disheartened looking at all the well toned people lifting humongous amounts of weight. But look to them for inspiration as they too were not born with it. Most of them have been where you are currently at one point or another.

3. Monday = Exercise Day
A miracle happens when you start working out Mondays – “You stop hating it so much”. Exercise pumps you up, increases the blood flow in the body, release endorphin in the body, generally making you happy. So when others are grouchy about Monday, you are ready to tackle not just the day but also the week ahead. Also skipping Monday increases the chances of skipping Tuesday and so on. So beware you have been warned…

4. Ban a two day break
You skip exercising for two continuous days and the break will continue forever. The couch will take you lovingly back and you will get fatter and rounder than before. Sounds bleak?
That’s the truth. Prolonged breaks have been proven as the leading reason for dip in fitness levels and reverting back to the same unhealthy habits before the person started exercising. SO you decide.

5. Working out energizes you
Yes the first couple of sessions may seem very taxing. But the after a couple of fortnights you realize, the initial exercise routines have become your warm up and you are fitter, stronger and faster than you ever were. Now, when you are done exercising, you are more energized than when you went in.

 6. Start walking
Bored / Claustrophobic of gymming? Give yourself a break by walking instead. Start with walking and the move onto jogging and running. This will boost your cardiovascular activities, giving you better lung and heart power. The effect of hours of sitting in a closed room will be reversed now.

7. Home routines
Guests over? Baby not well? Repairman to come? The reason could be anything that may result in you not going to the gym. In such a scenario, start exercising at home. Do a couple of sets of crunches, push ups, butterfly jumps, leg raises etc. Ask your personal trainer which exercises you could do at home safely without hurting yourself.

8. Go buy that yoga mat
Yoga does some amazing things to your body. It exercises the body, mind as well as the soul. It is a great complimentary exercise to the regular gymming you may be doing. It makes you flexible, improves balance and helps reduce injuries.

9. Look before you eat
On the couch, you eat all the good stuff. By good I mean tasty but oily, high cholesterol food that play's havoc with your system. Stop that. Make a meal plan and stick to it. Get some dietitians help in charting down what you should be eating and what you shouldn’t.

10. Become more social
Go meet people at the park, art exhibition, fairs and other such social places. Mainly get out of the house and go to places where you won’t be sitting for extended periods of time.

Do all this and let us know how you fared. Did it help change your life?